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style just may bring relief. those are the doctor's orders, thanks for being with us. >> bottoms up! this is the bay area's new station. kron 4 news at 4:00 a.m. start now. >> good morning is friday october 12th we will begin this morning with some news out of the south bay. police are investigating a shooting at the 1700 block of rogers in san jose. no word on a suspect this bork's the city's--who will bring you a
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live report in 10 minutes. firefighters in san francisco are battling a one alarm fire in the mission district reported shortly after 2:00 a.m. this morning. just off the intersection of michigan and volunteers street spher >> and the tidetroit tigers to plead and beg small game with the oakland a's
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>> it was a great season. i lost my voice is exciting. >> do you still believe in the tape. >> most definitely nobody expected anything like this it was amazing. an amazing run. i enjoyed the ride >> how can you be angry who would have thought that would of cotton this are so i'm nothing but happy it is what came back and they always did a good thing you're not going to win it allows for it once. >> i'm happy with what they did. >> we had a great season only thing that is
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disappointing that we did not and and that we had an unbelievable season. >> we show that we were with it all the way to the very end you could not lead to the end of the game because anything could happen with these oakland a's. there's always next year. >> classy fans were classy
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season. the detroit tigers we will face the new york yankees or baltimore orioles. >> would have the giants chested a victorious in cincinnati they defy the laws at well beating the cincinnati reds in a historical come back. >>cheering >> is of guts from both baseball this is the best in the world the best in the league. >> what happened here i could not be proud of a bunch of guys that came in here to do what they did. that is quite a task. it was against all odds and they found a way to get it done. >> it was a nail biter and lay several offoked 6c1 str angeles roadways. the
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youngest of the shuttle fleet in denver to 25 times over to the decade life span. we're still tracking gas prices. prices are actually coming down by a little more. today's average in san francisco's $4.71 a gallon down 2¢ from yesterday's in oakland the average $4.64 that is also down to since the same story in san was a state's average, best-down a couple of pennies. the ticket over to the whether department and find out about the forecast for today. >> good morning the wet
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weather is out of our area widespread cloud covers were waking up to. expecting a mild day of brown cooler tem6 c1 pushed toward southern
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california. pretty much out of our area as we zoom out of it you could see mostly in the inland areas and to the south the bus. we are expecting a cloudy day is also clouding started to see widespread now. into the late morning hours by about 10 atm will be dealing with the cloud cover. some breaks of sunshine in the raphael 67 santa rosa and napa. take a look at your 7 day around the bay is showing us that we do have it locked up in store a woman and kicking in this weekend to into your next work week. what the bay below seventies are expected for the cause. the time right now is for 07 a.m.. no hot spots to report out there
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gate bridge nobody on the stand this morning is an easy ride as you make your way through marine county and down to san francisco to take a quick break it is for 07 a.m. when headlines coming up in a minute and a check of the markets.
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>> we're back talking about the market spiked it was about jobs and did not help the market. the dow finished 19 points lower. the fence in p fischer a fraction higher the nasdaq lost a couple of points. the labor
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department announced claims fell to the law was letter last your four years still the market slipped lower. we have the dow and s&p looking costed at the moment will see where the market go today. on to politics position 2012 the running mates took center stage last night in the debate that was substantial and at times combative the latest from danville ky. joe biden and paul ryan presented startling different visions for the country. ryan said the obama administration has taken america in the wrong not what a real recovery looks like. >> biden--they're holding costa middle-class tax cuts is that we will continue them unless take a tax cut for the super of the. >> referring to romanies infamous 47% rain had this chap i think the vice president there will most
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that sometimes the words to come out of your mouth the right way. >> with all due respect that a bunch of malarkey. >> but that some analysts criticized his aggressive style. the interruptions the shouting at decline was comber and frankly more presidential. >> president obama said by laws terrific. voters favored brian. >> the exact numbers in that cnn poll showed that 48 percent think that congressman for paul ride 144% think that president-- vice president biden came out the wind.nner 0ñ@ñ
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>> and we're back is for 2:00 pm a small fire in san jose is increasing concerns about a serial arsonist. officials do not know who extinguished the fire when they cut their it was moderate no one has been heard nothing severely damaged. the firefighters are wary that one of the small buyers will get people were evacuated and a police detonated the device.
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>> and a puzzling school nearby in the middle of this. >> the school had already left there may have been some teachers were janitors i'm not sure there was one of our areas of concern. . >> a purse of interest a man in his 50s has been detained but not prestigious check. people evacuated from their homes. investigators said a 15 year-old admitted to lead the issue box skies pacts ssi is a package had the word bomb written on it the package turned up empty. the bus and nearby streets were evacuated and other bus attack to be rerouted. investigators said the boy had to lead in the package hybrid not say why he did it. the hercules police department is getting closer to buying interest in a area school teacher. the couple that was arrested after being found in colt in the victim's car. hercules police a fine in the car was a crucial part of the investigation. this is a company located cases the or three agencies involved
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there are assault charges i understand there were supposed to go to king county court this afternoon. i also understand that there wouldn't for warrants out of los angeles. and then we want them for the of that charge this and we are still only considering them persons of interest in a homicide this point. >> to hercules detectives are in king county in washington state car for clothes. please and
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not say what they found it the car. within 50 people gathered for a town hall be last night vallejo to discuss officer involved shootings many were family members of victims of family involved shootings. --police involved shootings. those speeches when people to get involved in critical areas i hope they come away with a sense of unity. a sense of civic pride and the fact they cannot rely on each other and use each other's resources as one. united they do stand and
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divided it will absolutely false. >> a rally and a march is scheduled for later this want at the oakland jail against police patella the. this could take up date on weather and traffic. dry as least we have the showers out about area of mostly cloudy as well. >> into the weekend we toa five and lights for it into overtime hours. as we attempt his mid-50s to san francisco, san jose, oakland, concord. 54 degrees in santa rosa and upper 50s to the livermore valley. >> 73 suspect for antique '60s in south bay. 60 degrees expected in half moon bay to the north pretty mild as well 66 and san rafeal 67% throws a consent decree is expected for napa.
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the woman trying trend is kicking in into the weekend temperatures climbing up to upper 80s. upper seventies loiter for the bay. that was a check on your whether a check on your traffic. >> good morning we're not looking at an hot spots is pretty quiet around the bay area. we're crossing our tickets for friday like here is we b&-a from al the san mateo bridge westbound and eastbound 92 certainly moving at the limits. the problems at the golden gate bridge with visibility somewhat roadways may delay you. a shiny deck indicating we do have some instances of water. here are
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traffic maps all is well for the east shore freeway. southbound 680 move through all the creek and you continued on into the san ramon valley. >> thank-you era of mao >> well lit streets are safer streets and that is the general theory new street lights are going up in all areas of international boulevard. residents have complained for years about the poor lighting conditions in some they only use about a fraction of the cold light used san francisco now has $942 million in federal funding for it central subway project. it will create a new bridge. it is expected to open 2019
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however opponents have filed a lawsuit. they said the construction will affect union square and that is unwarranted. at 4:21 a.m. we will take a break we have more coming in on the kron for more news. a quick look outside the san mateo bridge highway 92 where we have traffic on the light side this morning back with more in just a minute.
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. >> the death toll lead to the minister to rise out because been linked in 11 states. the massachusetts compound in facility is what is called and health officials continue to investigate the cost is that some 14,000 patients in 23 states have been injected with a potentially take steroids. that steroid shot
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has been recalled that was done last week. a news conference is scheduled this morning in chicago to introduce the new city's chief education officer. a former teacher and administrator for cleveland ohio. she has been filling in as interim ceo since the former ceo resigned that happened just three weeks after the big teachers' strike. the mayor hand- picked the new ceo of questions about her man is becoming a distraction. will see what comes out of that. the price to mailing letters going up again the u.s. postal service started announced starting in january he stempel cost 46¢ that is up one penny. for $1.10 customer cam mail a letter in thany where in the
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world. >> will take a break at 4:25 a.m. we have more straight ahead and live look of lost angeles where this rspace shuttle endeavor is troubling to the california signed center from lax this will be to a trip. more on that story coming up.
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we will get an update on the weather with erica. more
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it could not lead to the end of the game because anything can happen with the oakland fans. there's always next year. in the anything could happen with the oakland a's we have seen them do this time and again congratulations great season thank you for a wonderful ride oak and pains. the tigers will face either the yankees of the orioles. >> of course the giants came out on top they continue to move on. victorious over
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cincinnati the giants defied the odds of beating the cincinnati reds in a historic play off come back. the nationally has never seen a team down 0-2 and come back to win. it was amazing to watch. >> here's some reaction. jheering--cheering what happened here i cannot be prouder of a bunch of guys to come in here and do what they did. >> that is quite a task it was going against all hot and they found a way to get it done. polling with the grand slam and a nail biter at the bottom of the night when it looked like the
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reds made tied up in the giants pulled out the victory that will play in the washington accord signed louis those two teams will be battling out today. you will find out if we will play at home on sunday for a way. we're also continue to tarack gas prices in san francisco prices are $4.71 per gallon and oak and $4.64 per gallon down won a couple of pennies for $63 cents in san jose as well prices are headed in the right direction and see if they will fall in the course of the weekend. as turn our attention to whether. >> what is in store foy expecting an all-around mild
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afternoon cloudy, cool, but dry and that widespread fog until overnight hours. it is widespread now it will continue pie tin atm still a lot of cloud cover at fault even into the afternoon hours. we still will have that coastal fog. it will be a mix of high and low clouds in the afternoon hours. as for your temperature's it will be a mild day a mile start widespread '50s right now as we set the clock ahead to about 10 atam. to new highs in the 60s today if you are headed out it will
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be dropping down to a mixture of '50s and '60s. afternoon highs upper 60s low seventies. bids it is with the spatial and 60 degrees at half moon bay. pretty mild 66 a san raphael 68 degrees expected for fairfield. as we take a look in your 7 day around the bay things will warm up for us getting as slippery won by mid-week in the upper 80s and in the spot. upper seventies and low end is what the bay and a seventies are expected for +& the construction and again that wraps up by 5:00 atm.
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nothing to impede your ride the bay bridge toll plaza traffic sailing for all of the approaches rear lights are not active until about 6:30 a.m.. here at the san mateo bridge a bright shot tell light heading out toward to foster city that drive is just 13 minutes from into in. during the golden gate bridge you may active free for those of you coming out marin county. here on our traffic maps preconditions for northbound one to one of the coyote valley. no issues or 87 margin on 2101 in the north, direction. for 85 moves well
4:37 am
cupertino and mountain view. you may have some problems with visibility up there but no issues with any accidents or road closures that drives us 23 minutes from the bottle into the city. >> thank you erika let's talk politics decision 2012. the v.p. can this took center stage last night. they w6aae arec3 strugrwyebates or eight occasios we have sent out this campaign. >> ryan had this chap. >> i think the vice president there will most that sometimes the worst to come out of your mouth the right way. president obamas lackluster debate performance last week his
4:38 am
what it takes on the attack. his aggressive style. >> dismiss it last the interruptions the shouting. i think that ride was over at more presidential. >> president obama said biden was terrific. his passion for making sure the economy grows with the middle class came through i'm really proud of him. >> a.c. poll showed voters narrowly favored ride up the ties. .
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>> also this morning we're following the latest out of southern california where the space shuttle endeavor is slowly making its way through the streets of los angeles to its new home in the california science center. it is a 12 mi. journey with this shuttle on a crawler is what they have anstructed. this is a heavy
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>> here is stanley roberts with some people behaving badly. i can't tell you what this is but i can tell you where i founded it was here in concord. from a distance it looks like any other march however it is far from it. when you walk into the marsh you will see a stark
4:42 am
difference. there is a homeless encampment along the creek. this watershed is part of the contra costa water district. if you look around you will see lots of trash some on land but the disturbing part there's trash the water. you are looking at a demand made damned inside the creek and here the bridge made of wood season the water will rise
4:43 am
and all the trash will be washed into the san pablo bay think about that. so the car battery like this one and acid inside them could contaminate the waterway. it is not just one in canada it is close to a dozen and enough trash to fill up several trucks. this will take a lot of work and will cost taxpayers a lot of one v.pmoney. >> we have a live look into ilos angeles where the space
4:44 am
shuttle endeavor makes
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>> a man arrested at lax was carried a suitcase full of weapons will find out if he will remain behind bars are be set free. he will be permitted to cut see if he is a term to be a flight risk or danger to the public. he was a lack of arrested last week he was wearing bulletproof vest under a trenchcoat ocelot flame retardant pants and k officials. >> video from southern california were 13 children and a driver were heard in an accident yesterday. have the money u-haul truck back into a crowded school bus in victor bill you could see the aftermath. 40 grade schoolers on board tipped over two children were seriously hurt. the chp now investigating the crash. >> the a emergency expo in israel will take place this morning san francisco fire trechief will be hosting the event. it will happen
4:47 am
around 930 on 10th street in tam francisco. >> the good news is the rain is out of our area it will be mild day. dry and cool cloudy as well. we have a morning in dry trend this week in kicking in and the
4:48 am
warming continues as we head into your work week. taking a look at satellite and radar the system that brought a steady rain blast last couple of days is heading out of our area to the south. we are expecting a cloudy day. clouds will that would to the upper 60s this afternoon 70 degrees suspect for antioch to david 6 is where the specialists. 60 degrees for half moon bay in the the north bank mostly about mid-60's for places like san rafeal 67 for novato 68 for fairfield at mid-60's expected through richmond and vallejo this afternoon at 7 day around the bay issue in the warmup in store it will good woman. really warm by midweek getting to the upper 80s and endless spot upper
4:49 am
seventies to low eighties for the bay. the seventies are expected for the cost. time right now is for 30 8:00 a.m. as to check a new traffic. >> is almost 5:00 and still might be slow spots around the bay area. we're seeing in increase in volume surety bay bridge toll plaza stearin no weight at a gates. tam tale be those headlights doing just fine. over on our traffic maps and keeping in close eye on westbound 580 of the altamonte pass. on the first spots to back things up nursing green on our road licensers. speeds up to 50 mi. per hour. we are asking smoothed sailing with bay shore i to 80. westbound dealing well with speeds over 50 mi. per hour. as for public transit your good to go for a.c. transit, bart as was a strain number one. >> your control district is announcing six birds have tested positive for west nile by with it concord
4:50 am
oakley. 19 groups of miscues 62 dead birds and seven chickens at all tested positive for the fires. residents are now reminded
4:51 am
to be aware of the disease and wear protective clothing bay even repellant if you are in an area where you notice there mosquitos. residents and berkeley are being learned about wounded mountain lion wandering in the berkeley hills that cat was spotted guest today. prompting officials to put for oakland zoo animals that may provide care for a range of wildlife animals. 1,600 lbs. of live fish spilled onto the roadway there were flopping free traffic to a standstill. the truck that was carried on the fish collided with two vehicles around nine in the morning. no human interest or reported of a we cannot say the same for the fish. haz mat crews cleaned up the the same for the fish. haz mat crews cleaned up the spilled diesel and reopen
4:52 am
received the award for six decades of contributions with the advancement of peace and reconciliation democracy and human rights in your. >> will take a break at 4:51 a.m. a quick look outside as rico. more live pictures from southern california while! see people along the streets watching at the space shuttle endeavor slowly crossed along the surface streets headed to the california signed center we will have more
4:53 am
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>> and we're back justin weaver has a family full of celebrities while tom hanks is heading for the bright lights of new york city. more today in hollywood minute. >> what did justin weaver and ryan cost one have in common it turns out they are related. the celebrities are a 11th cousins once web site says justin bieber is also related to salina beyond.
4:56 am
>> hanks will take on the role of a new york columnist and a play that is loosely based on a journalist life. the play is set to open april 2013 and will have a limited run. >> that actors the mercery recorded talked candidly
4:57 am
about sex and the dissolution of her marriage. the actors pleaded sneaky recorders are everywhere this days. but is not always translated correctly to tabloid temptation. >> let's take a creek look at your 7 day around the bay for cly cast. today will be a cool day tipsters began to war as we i hat in one minute. we're also watching the space shuttle endeavor as it hits the streets of los angeles 12 mi. to day trip to the california science center we also have a live look out san jose if we don't i will tell you we have to people ♪ ♪
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♪ [ male announcer ] introducing a look twice. introducing a stunning work of technology -- the entirely new lexus es. and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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>> it doesn't the neighbors
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are checking on the situation making sure the fire doesn't spread to their place. what they're using ladders to control the fought fire for this particular house. they're still dealing with the fire as we speak. hopefully i'll be able to get an interview
5:03 am
with the information officer in just a few minutes. this is far from over we're just a half an hour into it. the roof is completely destroyed. every now and then we will see huge flames coming from the back of the home. >> will be touching base with will later on to see how this continues. >> there was a deadly shooting just before 2:00 this morning on the at 1700 ave rogers avenue. the man 6 c looking for two suspects. this marks the 37th homicide this year in san jose. >> the station endeavor is making its way through the streets of l.a. to the california signed center-- science. it is making these today track that only covers 12 mi.. it is moving so slowly that it will take two days to get there. to make
5:04 am
room for the shuttle trees had been removed along the roadways. they're planning to plant two for every tree that has to be cut down. the endeavor is the youngest of the shuttle fleet and flew 25 times over its to decade lifetime. >> heartbreak for the athletics last night but the magic continues for the they're only team in history to beat to come back from a two game deficit. the game is that at&t park for
5:05 am
the next playoff will be sunday and monday if the cards when. a heartbreaking loss in oakland as they are defeated by the detroit tigers. they won six to nothing. most of
5:06 am
the fans are understandably upset but they have good things to say about the athletics. we'll have updates later on. >> that's a bunch of malarkey. >> highlights from the first and only presidential vice- presidential debate. it was a much m they clashed over whether the new health care reform law put medicare on a sound he fought sounder financial footing. >> they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar turning obama care-- medicare and to obama care. 7.4 million seniors are projected to lose the medicare covers they have. >> that did not happen. more people sign up for at medicare after the change. >> vice president i know you're under a lot of the rest--addresdur ess.
5:07 am
>> don't take up the whole four minutes then. >> citizens will be held as questions of the candidates. the topics will be foreign and domestic issues. that is this coming tuesday and york. you'll be able to watch that debate in its entirety on 247 news channel 193. >> can wall street reversed its losing ways? and he will see what it samsung is doing now to take on the iphone 5. we'll have
5:08 am
(car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters.
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>> the dow is down 19 points. we're looking for a positive start to this morning. despite the big drop in unemployment claims and the dow is down 19 points. j.p. morgan and chased released better than expected earnings. 88¢ per share earnings that beat estimates of 87 for wells fargo. samsung unveiled this morning a smaller version of its popular galaxy x 3. it is exactly the same size as the new iphone 5. there's no word as to whether or not it will be released in the u.s.. >> we continue track gas
5:12 am
prices as we head into the weekend. we have a little bit of good news, prices are driving ever so slightly-- dropping. that is down 2¢ from yesterday. oakland is at $4.64. at san jose is at $6.43. $4.63. we >> we will have a the update on your weekend whether when just the moment.
5:13 am
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5:15 am
>> east oakland is getting a lighting up grade. better lighting has been linked to crime reduction and experts say that a better lit street is a safer st. new lights
5:16 am
will be going up all along the streets in oakland. and leave the lights have been installed in certain areas and there are more to come. --led >> it helps when people can see people can see when they are being scene. it helps with the neighborhood. >> pg&e is kicking in extra $30 million in incentives. >> sampras is gone now has $924 million in funding. it is for the new railway. it
5:17 am
is supposed to open... >> it looks like we are in store for pleasant conditions as we head into the weekend. we are still keeping that's like essential for wet weather. --potential. we did pick up some light rain in the all to not pass closer to the livermore valley just moments ago. it depends on where you are located. i do not think we will see any for the north day. some of our inland interior valleys we are keeping a slight
5:18 am
chance for the rain for the next couple of hours. keep an umbrella handy. we are tracking that low pressure system slowly making its way east. there are a lot of clouds and the forecast right now. we will see mostly cloudy and cool conditions as we had to the afternoon. temperatures will 554 vallejo and 54 in oakland. feature cast for shows that by 3:00 p.m. all that green on your screen indicates where we will see the '60s. we are throwing some sunshine and the forecast. and to the evening hours with it being friday lot of your making plans but it looks like will be in the low 60s. tracking afternoon highs '60s mid to upper 60s all across the south bay. 64 over and milpitas. they can
5:19 am
come close to 70 and antioch 66 for pittsburgh. we will see a mix of sun and clouds for the north bay 66 for san rafael and chilly
5:20 am
conditions for downtown san francisco with low 60s fair and 64 expected in oakland. but in that satellite and radar into motion we have a lot of cloud cover streaming our way. a lot of that w. w&-tae bay bridge. if you're heading across 290 to their more cars out on the road but still looking good. is about a 12 minute trip from hayward to foster city. the
5:21 am
north bay traffic is looking good so far this morning on the 1 01. it is moving from 37 across the golden gate bridges to work the way to san francisco. the traffic tractor is not picking up any slow spots. in moving fine on the west on 580 out
5:22 am
of the off amount pass all weapon to dublin. no problems on the nimitz freeway. south bay traffic so far so good. if you're headed to the san jose airport is trouble-free. the 1 01 and 280 are looking good. >> another small fire and san jose is increasing concerns about a serialthis we6e concern a bond oaround emergency responders. >> there was a shoe box sized box left on a bus with the word, britain on that. it turned out rata--written. it turned out that it was empty. the police question the way as to why he did it and he did not respond. an airlin to to judges suspended the...
5:23 am
>> still ahead on the kron4 news, the meningitis outbreak continues to spread. we will have the numbers for you in just a moment.
5:24 am
5:25 am
5:26 am
>> the number of people killed in the meningitis outbreaks and that 14. 170 people have gotten sick. the injections were used for back pain. idaho has only
5:27 am
reported one emmons. california has been unaffected by this. the steroids were recalled that were sent to 23 states. that pharmacy has turned over its license. >> six more dead birds have tested positive for the west now virus. those birds were found imprint word concord and oakley and nights on. two people this year have tested positive for the virus along with 62 dead birds and seven chickens. >> new this morning the norwegian nobel committee announced the peace prize winners were the european union. they receive the
5:28 am
5:29 am
reward for six decades of contributions. the country that gives out the prize is not a member of the european network. >> still ahead of we are live at at&t park in san francisco as the giants make history in game 5. we'll have highlights in reaction from the big game and what is next for the home team?
5:30 am
6 c1 >> the system is pushing its way east. we are seeing showers for the most eastern parts. in downtown san francisco earlier this morning. another low pressure system is coming in from the north and with that we could see some light showers. the latest models are showing that is backing off. mostly cloudy spots but travel tracker
5:31 am
picking up some slowing on the nimitz freeway. give yourself some extra time and when you leave the door this morning. there is an accident on the 23rd with blockage in both directions. make sure you have your headlights and the wipers on. >> a developing story that were falling a fire in san jose this morning. will tran joins us there was a look at what's going on. >> you can still see the smoke coming from self carlton ave. about 10 minutes ago after fighting for more than an hour and a half they finally declared the fire under control. the fire department is still here to make sure that the hot spots don't start any flareups and had two other homes. two people have been
5:32 am
injured but there are no fatalities. the middle-aged couple that live in this place, the fire started in the kitchen and the woman managed to get out. they went too badly hurt when they were not able to go vote toward the door to tell their neighbors to get out. they saved a lot of lives by telling people this house to be completely destroyed. the roof as well as the back of the house are completely gone. the neighbors rushed out to try to help each other and see what happened. in the meantime fire trucks are still here and have pretty much taken over carleton avenue. they will
5:33 am
be here for quite some time. the house has some live ammunition inside but at this point since the fire has gone through the home is no longer a concern. the firefighters use ladders on the front and the back of the home and managed to keep the flames to justice home. no other homes have been damaged. >> we are following the far as they did is coco crisp. >> when they are out there waving atolls' no one gave up and no one left the stadium. everyone was so cheering us on. that was a great feeling. >> it is a bit different here you can hear the stance they are absolutely amazing. this is a tough place to play and the fans made it that way. oakland played great the we won. >> we had a great year it's
5:34 am
just frustrating when you're that close. >> hats off to the a's for an incredible season. on to the athletics right now rather the giants. they have
5:35 am
an amazing when when as they have done something that is never been done in a nationally. they came from two games down and won the final three games. there the first team nationally series history to do that. they will either be playing the washington nationals for the st. louis cardinals'reco the gio do what they did , it is
5:36 am
quite a task. is going against all lots in the found a way to get it done. >> talk about torture in that game yesterday. the rest of the tying run of bad in the sixth seventh eighth and ninth innings for the giants to hold on. they only scored in one inning six innings and the fifth inning. >> the running mates mvp candidates took ceid t>> they ae the middle class tax cut because they say we will pass will concede in the middle class tax cut on a sheet of the tough tax cut to the super wealthy. >> who came out on top after all that? they say that dior's narrowly favored ryan but they are so close there is a statistical tie.
5:37 am
>> obama keeping an eye on his performance, you can see him watching here on tv. he shared his thoughts with reporters after landing in maryland. >> i could not be prouder of them. he had a very strong case and i really thinkpad that.... >> next up is the presidential debate on to say live on our 247 news channel 193 and digital 4.2. >> we'll have details on samsung chips just ahead.
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>> a quick update on technology news coming in. samsung can claim one victory is ongoing patent dispute against apple. an appeals court is allowing samsung to continue selling its galaxy nexus smart phone while it cites its lawsuit. apple is saying samsung stole technology and they want them to pull their releasing its new version of the samsung x 3 phone. the full-size galaxy x 3 launch this year and it has been a huge sales for the korean giant.
5:42 am
>> still ahead and discovered from nasa's curiously rover it looks familiar back care home. we will have details next. will
5:43 am
take a peck at peak and we'll have more for you in just a couple of minutes.
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> take a look at this we have live fixtures to show you of the space shuttle-- pictures endeavor creeping towards its new home at the california space center. the shuttle started its today 12 mi. journey, that's right this thing that is going millions of miles this is going to go 12 mi. and two days. you may remember it was just a few weeks ago when it flew over the bay area. that was the last time anyone would see it in flight. the san francisco giants defy the odds and beat the cincinnati reds and the
5:46 am
historic playoff comeback. the a's could not do it in their season is over. heartbreaking loss for oakland as they are eliminated by the detroit tigers. baseball is still a big story in the bay area as we head towards the weekend. there is a handshake and then the harsh words back- republican paul ryan. this was a much heat more heated debate in the first presidential debate. the second presidential debate is set for tuesday. >> a surprising find from nasa's curiosity rover that
5:47 am
is and mars. the first chemistry tests of a martian rock reveal it looks an awful lot like a mechanic rocks here on earth. the triangular rock was named after a binge near from pasadena. apparently it has a familiar, chemical composition. it resembles lots of the rocks found in hawaii. it looks like magma the infused with water 1 that moisture is moving out of our way. we're still holding on to the slight chance of a stray showers for the most eastern points across the county. that will only be for the next couple of hours. that system is continuing to make its way
5:48 am
5:49 am
east and we're looking for its life as and potential for residual moisture. a mile start to the morning in terms of temperatures 55 in hayward 58 and mountain view and fog tracker for has the story to tell you. the 6:00 hour does not matter where you're located everyone is contending with clouds. they
5:50 am
are thicker and the livermore area along the 880 and 23rd is a hot spot.
5:51 am
chp release a special alert for in nine traffic accident. it is quickly backing traffic appear as you work your way south coming out of downtown oakland. and the opposite direction you'll see a minor tap on breaks. if you're using the nimitz freeway special traffic alert itself on 880 with a traffic- accident cup hatchets body bags and other
5:52 am
suspicious items. that was in the luggage he checked. paris has not been cooperating with officials. --jereharris 13 people were injured when a you call back into a school bus and victorville. there were grade schoolers on the bus that you could see tipped on its side there. two children were seriously hurt. chp is investigating the cause of that crash. >> after 50 months of construction a new set of the are veterinary hospital is now open at the oakland zoo. they will care for the animals weigh anywhere from 5 g to 2,000 lbs.. the project was built with public donations. the hospital will treat any app animals with any problems. that is primarily for the oakland zoo although veterinarians
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
care for free range wild life. >> cacalifornia schools are a ask me what it's like when my tempur-pedic moves. [ male announcer ] why not talk to someone who owns an adjustable version of the most highly recommended bed in america? ask me about my tempur advanced ergo. goes up. goes up. ask me what it's like to get a massage anytime you want. goes down. goes down. [ male announcer ] tempur-pedic brand owners are more satisfied than owners of any traditional mattress brand. ergonomics. [ male announcer ] tempur-pedic. the most highly recommended bed in america. [ female announcer ] for more information or to find a retailer near you, visit
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>> to ever have those mornings were you just won a
5:58 am
stay in bed a little longer? this english mastiff feels the same way. one morning his owner role the camera as he refused to get out of their bed. >> get down. get off this bed. get off this bed. >> it you know when they turn they are going to stay. >> he is just winding--
5:59 am
heartbroken and the other and excited. more on what both candidates had to save as by dan and ryan faced head to head. -- by diden here's a quick live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. rabin will be open to monitor with the latest details on that.

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